Find, save and analyse the internet’s best emails

... to level up your marketing strategy

Mailboard swaps folders full of screenshots and 1,000s of unread Inspo 2117 emails for a centralised creative feed.

Just think of it as the internet’s
most inspiring inbox.

monitor your competitors’ emails
build email marketing moodboards
find your next campaign idea
share design and copy inspiration 

Built by marketers, for marketers

  • Gather ideas for your email strategy
  • Share designs with your team
  • Track your competitors
  • Create an email swipe file

  • Browse endless design inspiration
  • Export real image assets, GIFs and HTML
  • Monitor the latest design trends

  • Discover subject lines and preview text
  • Explore a library of email content
  • Monitor trends and best practice
New message in #email-strategy

Let's try something similar for our next email campaign

New message in #copywriting

These are great examples, thanks for sharing!

New message in #design

Love the use of photography in this

New message in #email-strategy

Let's use this as a template for our upcoming campaign!

New message in #copywriting

This is a great idea for a subject line


Discover emails 
for any audience,
across every industry

Whether you’re looking for inspiration in the home decor space or copy ideas for Black Friday, you’ll quickly find it here.

  • Email library updated daily
  • Leading global brands
  • Tagging and sorting brands

Save, organise and
share emails with
your entire team

Build a library of email content from your favourite brands, key competitors, and anyone else on your radar.

  • Email metadata
  • Creative elements
  • Email code
  • Custom tags
  • Desktop / mobile view
  • Public sharing links

Monitor any 
and track trends

Add your competitors’ emails to Mailboard to keep tabs on their personalisation strategies, send times, promo content, and more.

Sign up to any brand. Save their emails on autopilot.

An all-in-one tool for
analysing and organising
email content

Extract all data from every email

Explore collections of emails, subject lines and GIFs

Create boards based on client, campaign and industry

View emails in four different modes

Every email marketer needs a moodboard.

Insights and inspiration, delivered daily. 


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